Occupational therapy

This service is available in-person and via telehealth. If you would like further information, please contact us on 08 9365 4888 or complete the form below.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy – also known as OT – refers to the meaningful activities people do to occupy their time. So various things, from bathing and eating, to leisure, work and participating in the community may all be seen as an “occupation” in occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy is use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain those activities.

Occupational therapy with MSWA

An MSWA Occupational Therapist will work with Members and Clients to provide an assessment of the impact of your condition and the goals you wish to achieve. This could be an occupational therapy home assessment, or through a service like telehealth.

The OT will work with you to identify and achieve your goals for maintaining independence and maximising participation. This could be in your home or workplace, through the use of personal aids and equipment, or finding ways to keep you active in society and pursuing recreational interests.

We can recommend and provide equipment, which can be as simple as a rail to provide stability and enhance safety, through to more complex high-tech equipment. What’s provided for you will be based on how your OT assess your needs and how best to provide a safe environment for you and your carers.

Our OT team know the eligibility criteria for the NDIS and other funding grant opportunities and can apply for them if required.

The MSWA OT department also has specialist knowledge in the areas of fatigue management, sleep disturbances, the impact of cognitive changes on function, hand function, sexuality disturbances and high-end assistive technology solutions.

An individual consultation involves:

  • Gaining an understanding of how the individual is being impacted by their condition, relating to their ability to participate in meaningful activities.
  • Assessment of individual skills and the environment, including home, work and self-care tasks.
  • Recommendations and the provision of essential tailored information.
  • Therapy interventions, including re-training, learning new strategies and/or the use of aids or equipment to achieve desired outcomes.
  • The loan of equipment for trial where possible.
  • Interventions promoting mobility and safety.

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