Speech pathology

Speech pathologists are university-trained specialists in the assessment, diagnosis and management of swallowing and communication difficulties.

In the same way that physical activities such as walking may be affected by living with a neurological condition, eating, drinking, and talking may also be affected and impact a person's quality of life.

If not managed properly, swallowing difficulties can result in life-threatening medical problems, such as pneumonia, choking, dehydration or poor nutrition.

Speech pathology services at MSWA include:

  • Individual assessment of swallowing and communication
  • Evidence-based strategies and interventions to help manage or improve swallowing and communication difficulties, including assistive technologies
  • Training, education and ongoing support for individuals, families, friends, and support workers
  • Individual and group therapy programs for speech, voice and language difficulties
  • Liaison with other allied health professionals and members of the MSWA health services team

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