Living well after diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis for a neurological condition can bring up many strong emotions. For some people it will be a relief after many years of exploration, for some people it will be overwhelming and a catalyst for anxiety. It is important to remember that whatever you are feeling at this time, this is normal.

It may take you a while to come to terms with the idea of living with a neurological condition. This time spent learning more about your condition can bring personal power. It can be very important to share the emotional load with those you trust. This may be your close circle or it may be one of our Counsellors at MSWA.

Your neurologist and your GP are important points of contact for information and treatment, but there’s a lot more help and support on hand.

MSWA specialises in supporting people living with neurological conditions. We’re dedicated to helping people live the best lives they can after diagnosis.
MSWA Diagnosis

Our website is a helpful starting point for facts about some of the most prevalent neurological conditions along with resources and tools to help you understand more about your condition and deal with your diagnosis.

Where to get help

MSWA’s Counselling Service is here for you, after diagnosis and into the future. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to talk about how you are feeling and the challenges you may be facing.

More about Counselling

MSWA Client Chloe
“I’m really passionate about promoting my journey with MS in a positive and relatable way.”

MSWA Client, Chloe Baker.

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