MSWA Client, Hayley

Your tax-deductible donation this Christmas will help MSWA support our wonderful Clients, like Hayley, to live their version of best and continue doing what they love.

Through your contribution, not only are you supporting the provision of quality services to our Clients but you are also bolstering our research efforts to continue finding answers about the causes of MS and other neurological conditions impacting thousands of Western Australians.

It is vital we fast-track medical research and make a lasting impact. You can empower change by giving what you can this holiday season.

“Since the very beginning of my diagnosis, MSWA has been a tremendous help,” said MSWA Client Hayley.”

“They are caring, compassionate, supportive, and educational. I’ve built a connection with my counsellor, physiotherapists, nurses, and occupational therapists.”

“The diagnosis journey was hard, treatment is hard, all of it can be really hard. But MSWA’s support and funded research has helped to make it less hard; now I can focus more on bringing love, care, and happiness to the people around me.”

Your donation ensures the delivery of quality services and access to cutting-edge technology, treatments and respite care to people like Hayley, who was diagnosed with MS after experiencing 10 years of ongoing symptoms and countless appointments.

Your donation could help fund cutting-edge technology like the Mindpod

The first of its kind in Australia, Mindpod is a ground-breaking device being trialled by Edith Cowan University, and proudly funded by MSWA.

Mindpod allows users to feel as if they are playing a game – they take the role of a dolphin and ‘swim’ around using their arms. The aim is to keep away from a virtual shark! Watch the video to see how it works.

This game has been proven to be an effective form of therapy. The continual movement enables participants to strengthen their upper limbs and improve nerve function. It is brilliant to see a new and engaging therapy making a real difference.

Will you help us?

Your tax deductible donation will make a difference.

MSWA is proud to be Australia’s biggest contributor to neurological research, but we couldn’t do it without your generosity.

By donating you enable MSWA to be there when people like Hayley need us.

A donation toward our research will assist us supporting individuals, their families and future generations living with a neurological condition.

We would like to thank you in advance for your kind help.

If you have any questions about making a donation, you can email us at or call (08) 6454 3222.