Help make a difference for families like Nicolette’s

MSWA Customer Maddy, living with multiple sclerosis and daughter Karla

Being diagnosed with a neurological condition doesn’t have to stop you making the most of life and planning for a future. Nicolette has been living with multiple sclerosis (MS) since 2010.

Her simple dream for the future? To be able to walk on the beach with her sons, without her walking aid.

"As soon as I was given a walker, I could take my kids down to the park again and watch them play"

Before her diagnosis Nicolette used to love to run. She would get up early in the morning and hit the gym to clear her mind. This came to a halt after she collapsed from exhaustion one day. That day was Nicolette’s first experience of her MS which went undiagnosed for another 11 years. Since receiving her diagnosis, this bubbly single mum has had to face many challenges. Each time she’s handled them with both courage and positivity.

"I'm raising my two sons. Doing it alone can be tough. MSWA's support has grown each year. They help take a weight off my shoulders"

Nicolette has accessed a range of MSWA services. From physiotherapy and occupational therapy to nursing, counselling and domestic support.

This is possible because of our generous donors.

MSWA Customer Maddy, living with multiple sclerosis and daughter Karla


The first of its kind in Australia ‘Mindpod’ is a ground-breaking device being trialed by Edith Cowan University, and proudly funded by MSWA.

Mindpod allows users to feel as if they are playing a game – they take the role of a dolphin and ‘swim’ around using their arms. The aim is to keep away from a virtual shark! Watch the video to see how it works.

This game has been proven to be an effective form of therapy. The continual movement enables participants to strengthen their upper limbs and improve nerve function. It is brilliant to see a new and engaging therapy making a real difference.


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By donating you enable MSWA to be there when people like Nicolette need us. Together we’re helping her enjoy life with her two young sons. Together we’re looking for better therapies, pioneering treatments and hopefully, one day, a cure.

A donation toward our research will assist us supporting individuals, their families and future generations living with a neurological condition.

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