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Each year a number of fundraising events are held in WA to benefit multiple causes.

If you’d like to join one of these events to raise funds for a neurological condition, you will find plenty of like-minded people on Team MSWA.

By joining Team MSWA, you will participate as a member of a group of amazing people who are dedicated to giving their all to help support the thousands of people living with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions in WA.

Team MSWA stories

Tina Samuels

Tina Samuel decided taking on Central Park Plunge was not only an adrenaline-pumping way to celebrate her fiftieth birthday but also to fundraise for MSWA.

“My motivation? I'm living with MS, my mum also has MS and I'm turning 50 in October”
“I used to abseil in my twenties in the Pilbara and had many adventures while travelling around America.”

“I don't think I could ever bungee jump, and sky diving is too costly - so, the Central Park Plunge just seemed absolutely perfect! Being able to raise money for MSWA is a double bonus!”

Tina was one of 42 participants who fundraised for MSWA by abseiling 220 metres from the Central Park building on St George’s Terrace in Central Park Plunge in September. Together, they raised over $87,000 for MSWA that will be invested in services and support, neurological research and new facilities.

Tina was beside herself with excitement from the moment she signed up, but the fear kicked in when she was at the point of leaning over the edge.

“Bam! I was suddenly terrified! Taking that first step into the void just didn’t seem logical or feasible at all - I even cried a few tears!”

Tina was terrified for a few steps and then found her courage to continue the challenge.

“What a feeling when it was over! I felt like a Spiderman saving the city! Well, an overweight, jelly-legged, wide-eyed superhero!”

“It was so great. What a view. Fresh air looking across the Swan River, looking DOWN on the AMP building, across the city, across the suburbs, I kept stopping while my hand recovered and looking around to make sure I didn’t forget what I was looking at.”

Tina Samuels Central Park Plunge for MSWA

“It was a great opportunity to give something back to MSWA and show my appreciation for all their support over the past 10 years. I still access many of MSWA's services and would have been lost without their support.

If you'd like to participate in MSWA Community Fundraising, please contact