NDIS stories

Meet some of the people who are making their NDIS plan work for them with the help of MSWA’s personalised and professional services.

Anita's story

Anita was diagnosed with MS over 30 years ago and is now in the third year of her NDIS plan. Anita explains her NDIS journey and how she has benefited from the support of MSWA.

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Yvette’s story

Yvette Cocivera was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS at the age of 27. MSWA and the NDIS have enabled her to continue working to provide for her family.

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Neil's Story

Neil suffered an acquired brain injury in 1990 and now lives in one of MSWA’s high support accommodation facilities. With the support of MSWA and funding from the NDIS, Neil has been able to lead a more independent and active social life.

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Lyndee's story

After having a stroke in 2009, Lyndee has been confined to a wheelchair. Now living in one of MSWA’s high support accommodation facilities among people her own age, Lyndee says MSWA and the NDIS have given her life again.

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