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Margaret volunteers for MSWA as a way of paying it forward. Living with MS, she explains that helping others is what gets her through the difficult times.

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Hi, I’m Bonface. I am ready to support our Clients in their daily lives with kindness, compassion and respect.

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We are ready to build homes for our Clients, like Kim, who is on the waiting list for our $7m development in the Great Southern.

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Rebekah Marche

Hi, I’m Rebekah and I am ready to be positive, take care of my health and enjoy every day.

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Joe and Anita Terranova

Hi, we are Joe and Anita and we are ready to take on life’s challenges together and stay living in our own home.

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Tracey’s stroke in 2016 gave her something to look forward to making new memories. And thanks to MSWA’s tailored services, she can.

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Stephanie Perkov

Hi, my name is Stephanie, I am a Speech Pathologist at MSWA and I am ready to help people find their voice again.

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Robert Willcocks

Hi, my name is Robert Willcocks, I am a MSWA Client living with an acquired brain injury and I am ready to keep enjoying my life.

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Rob Cridge

MSWA changed a lot for Rob, including his job. Now a fully qualified social worker, Rob helps others while we help him.

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Jessica Trew

Hi, I’m Jessica and I am ready to keep living well and to accept support when I need it.

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Brett Johns

Hi, my name is Brett, I am a MSWA Client living with multiple sclerosis.
And I am ready to live my best life.

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Assoc. Prof. Jenny Rodger

Hi, my name is Jenny, I am an MSWA funded Medical Researcher.
And I am ready to reconnect damaged pathways in the brain.

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Hi, I’m Jeff and I am ready to remain positive and optimistic about my future.

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Chloe Baker

Chloe's MS has become a driving force to help others like her. A journey that seemed daunting is now a challenge she embraces.

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At MSWA, we are privileged to support thousands of Western Australians living with neurological conditions.

Our community generously share their stories to inspire others and shine a light on what it is like to live with a neurological condition. Whilst their journeys involve challenges, it is through determination, humour and support that they are living meaningful and positive lives.

Yvette’s story

Yvette Cocivera was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 27.

After discussions with Yvette’s doctor and a second opinion, she knew she couldn’t ignore her life was going to change. Yvette soon realised she was going to need help, and by reaching out to MSWA, she tackled her condition with their support.

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MSWA Member Yvette Cocivera

Neil's story

Neil lives in one of MSWA's high support accommodation facilities. Since moving in, Neil has led a more independent and active social life. And, the 24-hour care gives his parents piece of mind.

Neil’s father says, “He’s out doing different things every day…now if we want to see him, we have to make an appointment!”

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Lyndee's story

After having a stroke in 2009, Lyndee Aspey was confined to a wheelchair. Lyndee was cared for in a nursing home before moving to one of MSWA’s high support accommodation facilities in Fern River, living among people her own age.

She gets to do things she loves, like spending time with her adored granddaughter.

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Anita's story

Anita was diagnosed with MS over 30 years ago. She loves being out amongst nature and is a huge believer in the power of meditation and positive thinking.

Anita enjoys passing these practices on to others and with the help of her MSWA Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, she can teach meditation to adults and children within her community.

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Ilissa's story

Ilissa has been an occupational therapist at MSWA for over six years. She’s passionate about yoga, walks with her dog and helping people living with multiple sclerosis and all neurological conditions live the best lives they can.

“I really enjoy helping people get back to what they love doing and what’s meaningful for them.”

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Cherry's story

MSWA offers Clients sound therapy sessions, ran by MSWA Counsellor, Cherry.

Cherry’s journey with sound therapy started after hearing a talk from Dutch psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk. Bessel referred to the way the body can physically hold onto unresolved trauma.

Inspired, Cherry decided to undertake courses to further her knowledge; A Diploma in Integral Sound Therapy, Guided Imagery and Music and a Deep Listening Certificate.

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Cherry Chapman MSWA Sound Therapy 1

Bob's story

Six years after immigrating to Perth from the UK with his wife Rosalie, Bob Ramshaw’s life took a turn he wasn’t expecting or wanting.

The 63-year-old grandfather of 14 was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2014 after he noticed his shoulders were getting stiff.

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Bob Ramshaw MSWA Customer Thumbnail

Jen's story

Jennifer Egerton-Warburton was diagnosed with MS in 1998. Her condition is well-managed and she requires low support from MSWA, but in 2018 decided to raise money to support MSWA’s vital research and direct care of others living with neurological conditions in Western Australia.

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MSWA Fundraiser in focus Jen news

Margaret's story

Margaret was diagnosed with MS in 1999. She was 29 and she and husband, Greg, were living in Melbourne. Margaret was suffering from optic neuritis, but didn’t have a GP in Melbourne and put off going to get it checked out. However, when she lost sight in one eye, she booked an appointment and was sent for further tests.

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Margaret Gelfi MSWA Customer

Lilia's story

Lilia was diagnosed with MS in 2017 at the age of 33. She had suffered with severe vertigo three years previously. She now knows this was likely to be her first attack, although doctors were dismissive at the time.

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Lilia Burton MSWA Customer living with multiple sclerosis MS

Sue's story

In 2001, just 19 days after celebrating the new Millennium, Susara Street (Sue) took a strange turn on her lunchbreak. Working as a PA to an importer/exporter at the time, Sue was lucky to be discovered quickly – her boss often worked abroad but happened to be in the office that day.

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MSWA Customer Susara Street stroke survivor stories

Pat and Anna Luca

"Hi, we are the Luca family and we have been touched by multiple sclerosis (MS) and we are ready to support the MSWA community through fundraising."

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Pat Luca vignette

Michelle's story

Michelle has always been crafty and in particular, loved to sew when her kids were young. When multiple sclerosis (MS) led to a weakness in her left side, she began favouring crafts that didn’t require the use of two hands.

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MSWA Client Michelle

Nicolette's story

Nicolette has been living with MS since 2010. Since receiving her diagnosis, this bubbly single mum had to face many challenges, but has handled them with courage and positivity.

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Nicolette MSWA Client

Wendy's story

Wendy and her family managed her condition at home for many years, but in 2014 made the decision for Wendy to move in to MSWA supported accommodation at Fern River. It was a huge decision, but Wendy says she doesn’t look back.

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Wendy MSWA Client in MSWA Accommodation


Philip has felt cautious in public since 2015, when he began experiencing problems with his balance. He recalls wobbling and falling over on his daily commute to Gloucester Park, where he worked in accounts. Tests revealed a neurological condition, the exact nature of which is still under investigation.

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Philip Langlands story


Denise Amato was leading a very busy life in 2011, running a small business with her husband and looking forward to future travel plans, when, at the age of 56, she started experiencing fatigue and muscle weakness in her legs and the left side of her body.

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Denise MSWA Client


Steve and Ann raised their daughters – Jennifer, Ashleigh and Courtney – in their gorgeous family home of 30 years, in Bull Creek.

It was in his early 50s that Steve started experiencing a twitching in his eyes, then some involuntary arm movements. Investigations by the GP and various psychiatrists put it down to stress. Due to the lack of family history, no one picked up that it might be the result of an underlying neurological condition.

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Stephen Wyatt and family

Yolanda's story

When Yolanda was in high school, she inexplicably lost her night vision, her grades dropped and her walking gait changed. The tests done at the time didn’t pick up the underlying neurological condition, but she now knows that this was the beginning of her 20-year journey with MS.

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MSWA Yolanda


MSWA Rockingham Client, Charles, who has been using one of the three Fightmasters MSWA was able to purchase last year, greatly attests to the benefits of boxing in managing his Parkinson’s symptoms. So much so, that he and his family were inspired to hold a community fundraiser to enable MSWA to purchase a fourth Fightmaster for one of our Services Centres.

MSWA Client Charles and wife Nola