Review my NDIS plan

Your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan is reviewed every 12 months. The NDIS will contact you around the time your current plan is due to expire.

The review, which is conducted by an NDIS representative, is an opportunity to identify what is working well for you and areas where your plan can be adjusted to work even better. This is a great time to ensure your plan still meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Your NDIS Plan Support Team

To help you prepare for your NDIS plan review, your Plan Support Team will summarise all the supports provided by MSWA over the past year, as well as the outcomes and progress achieved. This summary may include some recommendations for additional supports.

The recommendations in this summary may lead to some changes to your plan and the funding amounts allocated by the NDIS.

With the extensive range of services and supports available through MSWA, many options are available to adjust your plan to meet your changing needs.

Remember, your Plan Support Team is alongside you throughout your NDIS journey. They are there to listen to your feedback and ensure your plan supports you and meets your expectations.

NDIS planner

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