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New MSWA CEO appointed

The MSWA Board has announced the appointment of new CEO Melanie Kiely, who will replace Marcus Stafford AM when he steps down in October.

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MSWA New CEO Melanie Kiely.
Speech Pathologists giving Western Australians a voice

Speech Pathology plays a crucial role in helping people regain a fundamental part of being human – communication. Speech Pathologists study, assess, and treat changes in understanding language, speaking, reading, writing, and importantly, swallowing food and drink.

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New research and tools for speech pathology

Communication is a fundamental human right. Associate Professor Anne Whitworth from Curtin University is developing a new NARNIA Communication App to help people with communication issues after stroke. This is one of the newly funded projects from our record-breaking $10 million research contribution in 2021.

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Vale Dr Greg Brotherson

It is with sadness we advise that Dr Greg Brotherson passed away on Friday, 6 August 2021.

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Dr Greg Brotherson.
“IT’S HUGE!” - MSWA Albany progress update, August 2021

Over her 25 years as a volunteer, employee and Client, Caroline Clarke-Smith has seen MSWA’s presence in Albany grow from a small support group to the development of a $7m facility for people living with neurological conditions.

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MSWA Albany Services Centre and High Support Accommodation.
MS medication Aubagio (teriflunomide) delisted from Australian market

Aubagio (teriflunomide) a medication used to treat multiple sclerosis is being delisted in Australia by Sanfoli. Generic medications remain available.

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MSWA Commitment to Research, 2021 Announcement

Today, MSWA is proud to announce that in this 2021/22 financial year, we are committing a record-breaking amount of $10 million to neurological research.

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2021 MSWA Commitment to Research 2021 Announcement.
An update about COVID-19

MSWA remains alert but not alarmed as we monitor the COVID-19 situation.

This article provides a current update and a useful link for more information.

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MSWA-funded researchers providing hope for those living with MND

A study funded by MSWA is examining factors influencing quality of life for people living with motor neurone disease (MND).

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Global MND Day - Professor Sulev Koks.
MSWA-supported study focuses on needs of MND family carers

A new national study identified the need for greater emotional support at end of life for family carers of people with motor neurone disease (MND).

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Global MND Day - Professor Samar Aoun.