Lifestyle adjustments

A diagnosis of a neurological condition can have a significant impact on your life and may require some adjustments to your lifestyle. MSWA has a range of tools available to support you through your diagnosis and beyond.

Impact of your diagnosis on family and friends

A diagnosis of a neurological condition can have a significant impact, not just on the person who has been diagnosed, but also their family and friends.

Each family and each person living with MS will go through their own unique experiences. There is no one way to deal with the diagnosis.

When you first hear news that a loved one has been diagnosed with a neurological condition, your first instinct might be to offer help and support.

An important step for your family and friends is to have some understanding of your illness. This helps them to understand what you are experiencing and to support you better.

Understanding neurological conditions

Immediately after a diagnosis

This period is often an emotional one for everyone involved, the person diagnosed and those close to them.

When speaking with someone you are close to who is newly diagnosed it is important to remember they may be experiencing some very strong emotions. Fear, sadness and anxiety are the primary emotions that you both may share right now.

Some people can also feel very vulnerable, isolated and angry at their diagnosis and this can be hard to witness as a friend or family member. Everyone deals with emotions in their own way and in their own time.

MSWA Albany Rob and family

It is normal for you and the person you are close to, to feel some or all of these feelings and it is very important to keep the lines of communication open at this time. Be gentle with each other and understand that this is a time you can both feel overwhelmed.

Sometimes what the newly diagnosed person needs from you, is for you to be a good listener and acknowledge their feelings without offering solutions. This can be hard as often we want to fix what is hurting for those we are close to.

This is why it is very important that you get help for yourself if you need to. You remaining strong, supportive and as calm as possible is what will help both of you move through this difficult time.

Access your own personal support systems and also the supports offered to you by MSWA. This will help keep you emotionally strong and help you build a healthy pathway to support the person you are close to.

MSWA staff are available to assist you and your family in coping with the practical and emotional difficulties you may be experiencing.

You can contact us on 08 9365 4888 or email