Cherry's story

Counselling for the body loved by Clients

The MSWA Counselling team is now offering Clients sound therapy sessions. It’s an opportunity to connect and enjoy a moment of stillness and restoration, helping to decrease the stress in their lives.

Counsellor Cherry Chapman says sound therapy has many benefits and can be especially healing for people with neurological conditions.

“I like to work with the body, what resonates within our body, how the body absorbs stress and how we hold onto that unconsciously,” said Cherry.
Cherry Chapman MSWA Sound Therapy 1

“Sound has a fabulous way of weaving a story – harmonizing, relaxing and releasing energy through vibrations.”

Each of Cherry’s sound therapy sessions are unique and tailored to the attendees, using a combination of instruments to combine sound, deep listening and guided imagery.

“I may start with a guided meditation to relax the body and gradually introduce the sounds.I walk around the room with the instruments and encourage people to listen deeply – to notice where in their body they feel the sensations, both internally and externally. I also use Crystal Bowls and Ocean Drums and silence to process the sound.”

Cherry Chapman MSWA Sound Therapy 3

“The sound vibration in the Tibetan Bowls can help to sooth the central nervous system and can help manage pain and stress. The Koshie Chimes resonate with many people as it’s a playful, soothing sound often reminiscent of childhood.”

Cherry visits people individually in their homes but says the group sound sessions are a wonderful way to bring the MSWA community together.

“People living with a neurological condition often feel isolated, marginalised. Group sessions offer a space where people with similar circumstances can connect, and relax more into the Sound, music and silence.”

Cherry’s journey with sound therapy started after hearing a talk from Dutch psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk. Bessel referred to the way the body can physically hold onto unresolved trauma. The vibrations and frequencies from the instruments, can help with releasing of held patterns within the tissues.

Inspired, Cherry decided to undertake courses to further her knowledge; A Diploma in Integral Sound Therapy, Guided Imagery and Music and a Deep Listening Certificate.

“Everyone’s journey with sound therapy is different. If you are open to receiving sound, it has a profound way of speaking to every cell in your body.”

Cherry Chapman MSWA Sound Therapy 2


To find out more about how sound therapy can help you, call us on 1300 097 989 or fill in the form below.