Carer support

Supporting or caring for someone with a neurological condition can be challenging. This individual is important to you and you may experience some of the same feelings they do. It is important for you to remember to also take care of yourself throughout this journey.


MSWA’s counselling service is here to help people living with neurological conditions, as well as their family members and carers.

We can offer individual counselling with a trained therapists at one of our many metropolitan or southwest offices.

We can also offer phone and video call support.

MSWA Kate Butler

The counselling team also run carers support groups at three locations across the metropolitan area. Research indicates that meeting others in a caring role and sharing experiences can reduce stress and normalise your thoughts and feelings.

Residential respite

If you’re caring for someone living with a neurological condition, you may feel the need for a break from time to time.

If you’re the person being cared for, you may want your carer to take time off, rest and recharge.

MSWA offers two purpose-built, accessible respite homes where people can stay safely and comfortably with trained MSWA health staff while their carer takes a break.