Brett's story

MSWA Customer Brett Johns

"Hi, my name is Brett Johns, I am a MSWA Customer living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and I am ready to live my best life."

"I’ve been living with MS for 19 years and during that time I’ve regained an understanding and appreciation of my body and what it’s capable of achieving."

"Life with a neurological condition can be isolating and difficult but with MSWA supporting me, I was able to increase my personal wellbeing through tailored services including occupational therapy, counselling and physiotherapy."

"More importantly, MSWA helped me rebuild and strengthen my connections within my community. Together we opened the door to others on a similar journey and I’ll always be grateful for positive friendships I’ve gained.”


If you'd like to find out how MSWA can support people living with a neurological condition, call us on 1300 097 989 or fill in the below form.