Carers, family and employers

When a person is diagnosed with a neurological condition, other people are affected by that diagnosis as well. It may be family, friend, employers or work colleagues.

MSWA is here to support not only people living with neurological conditions, but the many others who share their lives.

If you're a spouse, partner and/or close friend

If someone close to you has been diagnosed with a neurological condition, your first instinct might be to offer help and support.

Before you can do this, it's important to learn more about the condition, how it might affect the person and what support they may need in the future.

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MSWA offers a variety of up-to-date resources, including this website, to help you understand the condition and what it could mean for the person you care about.

Simply being a good listener is the most valuable thing you can do to help.

It's important to look after yourself and your wellbeing, too. MSWA staff are available to assist you and your family in coping with the practical and emotional difficulties you may be experiencing.

If you have children or teenagers

Explaining a neurological condition to young people, and how their parent's diagnosis might impact on their future lives, can be challenging.

How you tell your children, and when, is completely up to you. An MSWA counsellor can help you develop strategies and language to explain what is happening in a clear and reassuring way.

For more tips see Telling people.

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If you're an employer or colleague

Many people living with neurological conditions can continue to work productively.

If you employ or work with someone who's been diagnosed with a neurological condition, it's important to understand their condition, how it may impact on their working life, and how you can help by facilitating adjustments to the workplace or their work routine.

Both parties, employer and employee, need to be aware of entitlements relating to illness and sick leave under the Fair Work Act, in particular Flexibility in the Workplace provisions.

How to get help?

MSWA's counselling service is here for you and the people you care about. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to talk about your challenges and explore solutions.

More about MSWA's counselling service