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Physiotherapists, also known as exercise therapists or physical therapists, use physical techniques to improve your quality of life and the impact of your condition.

For those living with a neurological condition, regular exercise can improve cardiovascular health, strength and endurance, flexibility, and stamina, while reducing fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Physiotherapy at MSWA

At MSWA, we have a team of 60 qualified therapists, delivering support either in our Services Centres throughout metro and regional WA, in your own home or via telehealth services to provide physiotherapy, massage and exercise physiologist services in a flexible way to suit your needs.

Our gyms are spacious and well-equipped for a range of conditions. We have equipment you’d find in any gym, and specialised equipment for people with mobility or other restrictions.

Our physiotherapists will work with you to identify your goals and give you a personal assessment. They can then use that assessment to create and deliver an exercise program specifically tailored to target your strength, mobility, balance or other needs.

MSWA Physiotherapy services

Most of our Services Centres offer:

  • Comprehensive neurological assessments and ongoing review
  • Individualised exercise programs tailored to your lifestyle
  • Functional and goal-based programs
  • Balance training
  • Circuit programs
  • Chair exercise programs
  • Pilates and yoga classes
  • Massage
  • Respiratory physiotherapy
  • Lymphoedema services
  • Pelvic health and continence physiotherapy
  • Home-based programs
  • Self-managed exercise programs
  • Advice on mobility aids and equipment
  • Falls prevention
  • Education on managing symptoms such as fatigue, spasticity and heat intolerance during exercise
  • At some sites specialised services are available:
    • Aquatic physiotherapy (hydrotherapy)
    • Balance Master assessments and training

Please note we are unable to provide acute rehabilitation services.

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