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Speech Pathology

Our MSWA Speech Pathologists provide specialist support by assessing, diagnosing and creating individualised intervention programs for people who experience swallowing difficulties.

Eating and drinking is an important part of everyday life, but can be uncomfortable, stressful and frustrating for a person with swallowing difficulties. If not managed properly, swallowing difficulties can also potentially result in life threatening medical problems, such as pneumonia, choking, or poor nutrition and dehydration.

MSWA Speech Pathologists aim to help you identify swallowing difficulties early on and equip you with evidence-based strategies to help you eat and drink safely, maintain optimal nutrition, and enjoy sharing meals with those who matter most to you.

Services offered by our Speech Pathology Team include:

  • Individual assessment of swallowing concerns, including mealtime observation
  • Education, information and strategies to manage swallowing difficulties, including compensatory techniques, postural adjustments, assistive technology and equipment, rehabilitation exercises and texture modification of food and drinks
  • Training and education for family, friends and support workers
  • Ongoing support and follow up
  • Liaison with other allied health professionals and members of the MSWA Health Services Team

For more information, telephone 9365 4888 or email us.

MSWA Speech Pathology Team

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