WASO musicians relax at MSWA’s SensAtion Gallery

18 December 2019
WASO musicians at MSWA The Sens Ation Gallery

MSWA’s partnership with WASO is centred around making music more accessible to a larger audience, as we believe music is medicine for the mind.

At our newest event, The SensAtion Gallery, a multi-sensory interactive art exhibition exploring all senses and the brain, we have been lucky enough to include specially curated tracks by WASO in our sound room.

The sound room has been created by Fremantle artist Kim Behets with a focus on relaxation, as fatigue and sleep are a common issue for people living with MS and other neurological conditions.

Fittingly, we invited a few WASO musicians down to experience the gallery themselves and see how sound can be impactful.

“Music has a different meaning to everyone – it is perceived differently by each individual. Although, generally classical music can be a powerful tool for relieving everyday stress,” said WASO musician Robert Gladstones (Horn player).

“I enjoy that through my contribution to WASO I am able to bring enjoyment and peace to others.”

MSWA CEO Marcus Stafford AM said he was pleased to be able to give a whole new audience access to the wonders of classical music.

“It is scientifically proven listening to music can lower blood pressure, induce relaxation and reduce anxiety, as well as contribute to the wellbeing of motor and cognitive skills and overall brain health,” Mr Stafford said.

“It is very fitting, therefore, for us to partner with WASO in helping them make music more accessible to a larger audience.”

If you’d like to experience The SensAtion Gallery for yourself, head to the website for more information.