Turning curls into cash for MSWA

30 August 2023

Community fundraiser

There is nothing hairdresser Shenae Wilson won’t do for her friends, especially when it comes to one of her best friends, Cherone, who lives with MS.

In May, Shanae transformed her Wangara salon into a fundraising hub – offering patrons blow outs and hair styling services, with 100% of the proceeds donated to MSWA.

“Cherone was diagnosed around 15 years ago, but thanks to MSWA and all of the money they have invested in research, the treatment she receives means she lives a pretty normal life,” Shenae said.

This is Shenae’s second fundraising effort for team MSWA, and having moved to a bigger salon she thought the time was right to make her event bigger and better this year.

“We had a grazing board, drinks and raffle as well,” Shenae said. “I had some amazing companies donate prizes for the cause.”

Shenae Fundraiser

Shenae’s support continued on into June, where she and her husband Travis climbed the Central Park tower in the Step Up for MSWA event.

“I did the double up, my husband did the multi climb eight times and my girlfriend did it three times. I’m obviously the most unfit one, because the second time was hard enough!” she laughed.

In all, Shenae raised $1825 through her salon fundraiser and almost another $1000 with her husband for Step Up.

“Just get involved – it helps so many people and it’s always great to support a cause, so why not choose something that means something to you and make a difference?” Shenae said.

“I have seen firsthand the difference MSWA’s investment in research has made and how they help people living with MS live longer and fuller lives.”

Join Team MSWA and register for a community fundraiser or host your own event for Western Australians living with neurological conditions. From backyard BBQs to Birthday bonanzas, you name the challenge and we'll be here to support you every step of the way. Visit our Team MSWA website for more information.