Staying connected this World MS Day

26 May 2022

World MS Day 2022 - 30 May

World MS Day 2022 graphic - I connect, we connnect

Margaret Cable, from Toodyay, was diagnosed with MS in the early days of COVID-19. Her story is a heartening example of “I connect, we connect” – the official tagline of World MS Day 2022. From the moment of her diagnosis, Margaret has felt a connection to services and support - despite living regionally and during a pandemic.

After living for 15 years with what she now knows as neurological symptoms, Margaret was finally sent for an MRI two years ago and was relieved to finally have a diagnosis.

At her MS assessment at the Perron Institute, Margaret was supported by one of the MSWA Neurological Liaison Nurses who work in conjunction with Perron.

“That initial appointment was how I found out about how MSWA could help me,” Margaret explains.

Shortly after, Margaret was pleased to automatically receive paperwork from the NDIS. “This was all instigated by Perron and the MSWA Nurse,” she says.

Through her NDIS funding, Margaret receives Support Coordination, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology from MSWA. “I saw an MSWA Counsellor when I was first diagnosed. I don’t need help with that side of things yet, but it’s good to know they’re just a phone call away.”

Margaret is an advocate for the practical benefits of telehealth and has been dialling in to fortnightly appointments with her MSWA Speech Pathologist, Clare.

MSWA Client Margaret Cable smiling while on a video call.

Pictured: Margaret Cable enjoying a 'virtual' coffee and chat with her speech pathologist, Clare.

“We use phone, Zoom, or WhatsApp – the choice is countless these days isn’t it!” says Margaret.

“There’s no difference than if we were in a room together. It works just fine. There’s no disadvantage to it except that I can’t offer to make Clare a coffee!”

Clare explains, “Telehealth ensures Clients stay connected to services regardless of geographic location. It’s a COVID-safe, convenient, and effective way to provide speech pathology assessment and intervention. Online platforms such as Zoom allow for innovative ways to work with Clients who experience a variety of communication and/or swallowing difficulties.”

Without access to these virtual appointments, Margaret would not have felt the meaningful benefits of speech pathology input.

“Before I had my assessment, I didn’t know what speech pathology was! It’s not just about talking. It’s about swallowing too, and it’s about how your brain sends signals. Looking back over the years, I was often choking or coughing on things. I didn’t realise that’s classic MS."

If you'd like to learn more about Margaret's journey with MS, take a few moments to read Margaret's story.

To see what MSWA has to offer to people living with neurological conditions, see our Support & Services information hub.


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