Speech Pathologists giving Western Australians a voice

27 August 2021

Speech Pathology Week 2021: Speech Pathologists giving Western Australians a voice

Speech Pathology plays a crucial role in helping people regain a fundamental part of being human – communication. There are many instances when communication disorders can occur including, brain injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease and more. Speech Pathologists study, assess, and treat changes in understanding language, speaking, reading, writing, and importantly, swallowing food and drink. By doing this, people can continue to socialise, participate in decision making, and connect with the people around them.

MSWA Speech Pathologist Rebekah Smith says, “Speech Pathology is important as it provides people with the ability to effectively communicate their needs, wants, thoughts and opinions, and to participate confidently within social interactions. Communication intervention not only provides a person with the ability to express themselves, but also the ability to understand their communication partner. Speech Pathology also provides people who have swallowing difficulties the ability to eat and drink safely, to enjoy their mealtimes and to reduce their risk of choking and aspiration pneumonia.”

By providing a path to eating safely and communicating independently, Speech Pathologists ensure impact over time. At MSWA, our Speech Pathologists engage in language, speech or voice therapy, assessments, interventions, education, and cutting-edge technology and research to help empower Clients living with neurological conditions. Our dedicated team put an emphasis on quality of life by working with Clients to ensure they understand what their difficulties are, why they are happening, and how to overcome them. When appropriate, Clients are provided with communication devices and tools to aid therapy.

Creating tailored plans that take into consideration Client desires and needs, MSWA Speech Pathologists are trained in a variety of specialised treatments for neurological conditions. For example, stroke Clients are currently benefiting from MSWA’s partnership with researchers like Associate Professor Anne Whitworth who is offering novel approaches for the treatment of aphasia – a language disorder.

Putting Clients first, MSWA Speech Pathologists encourage growth for obstacles that are often invisible. Maximising the educational, health, and social outcomes for people with communication and swallowing disorders, Speech Pathologists do far more than provide a voice to the silent.

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