Safer, more comfortable Customer transfers thanks to new equipment

24 September 2020
MSWA Hoist News

Funds raised from last year’s MSWA Ocean Ride – Powered by RetraVision have been used to purchase approximately $50k worth of equipment to support Western Australians living with a neurological condition.

The range of equipment has been dispersed to various MSWA facilities, as well as to both Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Osborne Park Hospital, so that we can support the wider neurological community.

One example of where this fundraising has been put to use, is some new equipment for MSWA’s Occupational Therapy team. A range of new hoists will support the safe transfer between seated or lying positions.

MSWA Senior Occupational Therapist Brea Baker said the hoists make transferring Customers, who can no longer stand easier and the use of a hoist for transfers often means someone living with a neurological condition is able to continue living in their home safely, with required supports.

“Full hoists and slings allow us to support Customers with moving between pieces of equipment when they are unable to do so independently. They are designed to ensure a person can safely move between items such as electric beds, wheelchairs and wheeled shower commodes,” said Brea.

“Full hoists can also be used in some instances to assist with transfers from the floor after a fall when deemed safe to do so.

“We have found that this particular brand of slings are easy to use, making the transfer process smoother for everyone involved.”

“During the lifting aspect of the transfer, Customers have commented that the sling does not pull or ride up into their body. The sling also has an additional loop at the thigh area, meaning less pulling and friction,” said Brea.

Full hoists are also used in a Customer’s home for safe transfers as determined by their health care professional.

“Full hoists are mobile, meaning they can be moved between areas of one’s home as required for transfers. We liaise with the Customer and their family to determine funding avenues for such equipment. The equipment would then remain in the persons home for use by family and/or care support workers,” said Brea.

MSWA has limited hoists for our OTs to provide for Customers to trial before they apply for NDIS funding to cover the cost of the equipment. A small equipment pool for temporary loans is also available for eligible Customers.

It is recommended that both full hoist use and sling recommendations are assessed in conjunction with an Occupational Therapist to ensure they meet individual needs.

If you’d like to register for this year’s MSWA Ocean Ride and be part of making a real difference to the lives of Western Australians living with neurological conditions, head to the website to sign up.