Rockingham stationary riders cycle to glory

14 February 2023

MSWA Client riders serve up healthy competition

Healthy competition between MSWA Service Centres saw Clients ride a combined total of 8935kms in the Stationary Cycle Challenge – the equivalent of travelling from Perth to Sydney… and back!

The challenge is led by our Physiotherapy Team, who track the kilometres Clients travel on stationary bikes to add toward each teams’ total.

Individuals and teams also had the chance to fundraise over the course of the challenge, which led into the MSWA Ocean Ride event.

Rockingham were thrilled to be crowned in first place for 2022, taking home the coveted shield with 1976kms across their 39 riders.

Winners are grinners at Rockingham Services Centre.

Rockingham Physiotherapy Assistant Kirsten Rutherford said she was so proud of her team for taking out the win.

“I feel so happy for them that they have done it and we put it together as a team,” Kirsten said.
“It’s good individually because they have all set their individual goals and have smashed it, but working as a team and actually getting our goal of making Rockingham number one again was good for all of us.”

Kirsten said there had been plenty of healthy competition between Clients over the eight weeks.

“A lot of people tried to really push past their goals. Seeing that other people could do it really motivated them, and they went for it," she said.

Client Joan Johnston said she was excited to take the win with the “lovely bunch” at Rockingham.

“How exciting is it!” she said, “[the Stationary Cycle] gives you something to head for, but we all aim at something in here.”
“Everyone is always happy and smiling, so it is always uplifting coming in here.”

MSWA Rockingham just pipped MSWA Wilson at the post, who notched up an impressive 1528kms with 38 participants and defending champions MSWA Albany in third, who recorded a mammoth 1479kms despite only fielding a 16-person team.

Tania Barclay played a significant role in MSWA Albany’s total, with an individual effort of 520.97kms, the highest out of all 219 participants.

Physiotherapy Assistant Celeste McMahon had a special strategy to keep everyone in Albany pedalling, which was to put up images and facts about oceans in the gym.

Albany Physiotherapy Assistant Celeste motivating team members Caroline and Graham to defend their 2021 title during the challenge.

“This year, as it is the Ocean Ride, I featured the five oceans of the planet, ocean animals and mysteries of the oceans – something that brings back memories for people as well as being a talking point," she said.

“I also put a lot of jokes on there – we try to make it fun instead of so serious and they feel like they are achieving as well.”

Celeste said the challenge was a good “social booster” and individual motivator for Clients.

“Having people with different neurological conditions participating in the challenge made them feel connected – it’s not just for people with MS – it makes them feel part of a team and included, and inclusivity is everything,” she said.

MSWA Albany Client Graham Smithson said the team had given it “a good go, as we always do” and said the challenge was about “enjoying what you are doing”.

The highest individual fundraiser was Ehsan Karaji from MSWA Wilson, who raised $520 for the organisation.

We look forward to seeing this event continue to grow in the future and would like to thank each and every participant for their support.