MSWA Customer wins the Mega Home Lottery

11 September 2020

On Friday, 11 September 2020, MSWA was thrilled to announce the winners of the latest MSWA Mega Home Lottery’s $3.3M Grand Prize, Kylie and Brett. The cause funded by the MSWA Mega Home Lottery is one extremely close to the hearts of the Hazelmere couple.

In a first for the MSWA Mega Home Lottery, the winning couple are not only long-time supporters of the lottery, they are also MSWA Customers.

Kylie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1998, aged 32. By 2001, Kylie’s mobility and spatial awareness were significantly affected, leading Brett to leave his job to care for Kylie full-time.

Over the years, the pair have battled through money worries, MS-related curve balls, and Brett has had several heart attacks as a result of an accident that caused damage to his heart.

It was their ticket number 156,785 that won Brett and Kylie a stunning $2.3 million Webb & Brown-Neaves City Beach home and $1 million in cash.

“My children have seen me cry twice,” said Brett. “Once, when my nana died. And the day we won the MSWA Mega Home Lottery.”

In seriousness, Brett added, “My biggest stress has always been ‘If something happens to me, how will everyone take care of Kylie?’ Now I don’t have to worry.”

Kylie said she has always focused on being positive, for Brett, their three daughters and five granddaughters. “If Mum stays happy, we’re all happy,” she said.

Kylie’s daughter Rebecca said, The most positive thing about your mum having a neurological condition is witnessing all the challenges she’s overcome. Mum and dad have the most positive outlook on life. They are a massive inspiration, my parents. Everything I’ve ever done it’s because of these two.”

Kylie and Brett attribute a large part of their happiness to taking regular trips around Australia in a van they converted into an MS-friendly motorhome, installing handrails everywhere Kylie needed them.

“We have a small budget, so we stay in free campsites in the bush or in the yards of the amazing people we’ve met on our travels. We love it.” said Brett.

“On Friday, we were trying to process the news about winning the MSWA Mega Home Lottery, and Kylie said to me ‘You know, we can probably afford to stay in some caravan parks now’,” laughed Brett.

CEO Marcus Stafford AM thanked other ticket purchasers for their support.

By buying a ticket in our Mega Home Lottery, you are supporting thousands of Western Australians living with a neurological condition,” said Mr Stafford.

“If you missed out on a ticket this time, or want more chances to win, become a Platinum Club Member by heading to”

The winning couple said it was important to them to buy tickets in the MSWA Mega Home Lottery because a lot of the money raised goes towards research. “We are realistic about a cure, but if they can find something to stop Kylie’s MS in its tracks that would be incredible. Where Kylie’s condition is now, we can live with that.”

Kylie and Brett value the services MSWA provides, for them and others. They regularly attend the MSWA Beechboro Services Centre for the Outreach group and physiotherapy.

“Without the Centre, people would really struggle,” said Brett. “Some people don’t have partners and MSWA is where they go to get support.”

“Not every Kylie has a Brett.”