High-grade tech to improve quality of life

02 February 2023

Generous donation from long-time supporter Pharmacy 777 takes the pressure off

Pharmacy 777 is delivering on their pledge to make a difference by generously donating a $25,000 pressure mapping system to prevent painful pressure injuries.

One of our longest-standing community partners, Pharmacy 777’s philanthropic donations have topped $250,000 since 2011, an incredible commitment which has made a significant positive impact for the people we exist to support.

The pressure mapping system is brand new technology for MSWA, which takes the guesswork out of pressure injury prevention according to MSWA Senior Occupational Therapist Anna Jessop.

Senior Occupational Therapist Anna Jessop performs and assessment on Client Kim Flanagan using the system.

Portable and versatile, the equipment can be used on any seating surface – such as an electric wheelchair, favourite recliner or even a mattress – to determine areas of high pressure.

“We want all the information we can get to show us those areas and put interventions (such as modified cushions) in place so Clients do not develop pressure injuries,” Anna said.

“Even the most highly trained OTs can’t pick up those really niche high risk areas without this technology.”

“It is such a lifesaver to be able to check what is going on - it takes all the guesswork out of it.”

“It is the kind of thing you really want to avoid because pressure injuries can be hard to heal and can impair skin integrity.”

Anna said pressure sensors of this grade were once limited to hospitals, so having a portable system available in Perth and the South West region meant greater accessibility for Clients.

“We can take it out to Clients, we can bring it to Outreach and it is that much more accessible than it used to be,” Anna said.

“It is going to make a massive difference to our Clients in preventing an injury and really improving quality of life.

“On behalf of the OT department and our Clients, I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Pharmacy 777.”

The pressure mapping system identifies high risk seating areas using sensors.

Kristian Ray, Pharmacy Development Manager, said Pharmacy 777 was pleased to provide access to this new system which enabled “improved patient comfort, care and support from the MSWA Occupational Therapy team”.

“The Pharmacy 777 Group's vision is to enhance the quality of life within our community – supporting community organisations and initiatives is a core part of our commitment to make a difference – including for people living with MS and other neurological conditions, together with their support team,” Kristian said.

“Allocating our donation towards the pressure mapping system, we know first-hand how our contribution is making this difference.”

Kristian said Pharmacy 777 had supported MSWA across a number of initiatives during the twelve-year partnership.

“From supporting wellness retreats, facilities and research, to in recent years - purchasing key patient equipment such as beds at Margaret Doody Respite House, the NeuroNode communication device and now the pressure mapping system,” he said.

“For any organisation looking to see direct impact of donations to the community, we encourage them to get in touch with MSWA to find out about projects and equipment that can be funded to provide much needed support.”

MSWA is fortunate to have the support of many organisations in Western Australia, from small businesses to large companies and teams of co-workers within public and private sector organisations. Interested to find out how your business can make a difference? Click here.