Wife's MS diagnosis inspires generous donation

18 December 2015

Charles Sweeney, General Manager of Mining at Civmec Construction and Engineering, has been working with his division’s contractors and suppliers on a raffle to raise money for MSWA. He had a goal of $10,000 and managed to beat it raising an impressive $10,400!

Charles was motivated to fundraise by his wife MS diagnosis and his aunt in England who has been living with MS for 30 years. He will continue to trickle feed donations through chocolate sales before running another raffle next year. Charles says his goal is to turn the raffle into an annual fundraising event with bigger and better targets each year.

His wife Libby was diagnosed with MS five years ago, when she was 33 years old. While she has not had an attack since the first one that led to her diagnosis, she experiences symptoms such as fatigue, pins and needles and she struggles with the heat. This can make caring for their two year old son, Oscar, a bit of a challenge.

A morning tea was held in Charles’ honour on Wednesday, 16 December at the Wilson Outreach Centre. Dave Bugden, General Manager of Brand, Marketing and Sales was thrilled to receive the kind donation from Charles on behalf of MSWA.

Dave said, “This donation is invaluable and will go a long way to helping us grow our services for people living with MS and other neurological conditions. We wish there were many more people like Charles, and we appreciate the time and effort that was put into raising these funds.”