Voluntary Worldwide Withdrawal for ZINBRYTA ®

07 March 2018

Pharmaceutical companies Biogen and AbbVie has announced the voluntary worldwide withdrawal for ZINBRYTA ® (daclizumab) for Relapsing multiple sclerosis.

This follows several reports of brain inflammation (encephalitis) or inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain (meningoencephalitis) in a small number of people being treated with Zinbryta.

Biogen have advised that they are working with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, to plan and coordinate the withdrawal of the drug.

People who are currently being treated with Zinbryta should not stop taking their medication but should seek advice from their neurologist about alternative treatment options and ongoing safety monitoring.

We will bring you any further information as we have it. Patients with queries should speak with their treating neurologist or contact our MSWA MS nurses on 9365 4888.

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