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MS can be beaten, but we need your help


It all started in 2017. Chloe, then 30, wasn’t feeling right. Her vision was impaired and she felt tired a lot of the time. An eye test led to an MRI. Finding out the test result was a life-changing moment.

At just 30, Chloe was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

“The biggest shock was seeing the lesions on my brain and spine,” says Chloe.

Finding out she had an incurable, degenerative neurological condition, Chloe drew strength from her deeply held belief in the benefits of positive thinking.

Chloe’s mum got in touch with MSWA early on. That first phone call from the MSWA team assured Chloe and her family they were not alone in this journey into living with MS.

“Life can throw you challenges, but I’m ready for them.”

Heat intolerance, double vision, fatigue and anxiety are symptoms that Chloe battles daily.

“If I don’t get a good night sleep, the next day can be a struggle. If my body gets hot, it’s ten times worse and I need to close one eye to see where I’m going.”


Chloe has made changes to her life to ensure she can live as well as possible with MS. She also writes a blog in which she shares her MS journey with her followers.

“I’m really passionate about promoting my journey with MS in a positive and relatable way,” says Chloe.

She is now receiving monthly treatments by infusion and feels lucky that, thanks to advances in medical research, more effective treatments are now available for MS.

However, no matter how well her MS is managed, Chloe hopes that one day in the future, the world will be free of MS.

“There is still no known cause or cure for MS – this is why we need your help.”

Your donation, no matter how much, will help

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With your support, MSWA are delivering real things to real people living with neurological conditions in Western Australia.

It is easy to show your support. You can buy a raffle ticket, a lottery ticket, even an entertainment book, or simply donate.

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