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Managing the impact of MS on your family

Relationships with family, partners, friends and others may change when you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

A diagnosis of MS can affect the whole family, and sometimes it can be difficult to discuss your feelings and the changes that the condition brings. For those with children, it can be difficult to decide if and when to tell them, to discuss their feelings about the diagnosis, and how it affects them.

MS has been likened to ‘an unwelcome visitor in the home’, disrupting the family dynamics and schedules. In addition, each family member will have different ways of coping with this unplanned change. It’s important to recognise that while dealing with your own MS diagnosis can be very difficult, it can also be hard on other family members whose coping strategies may differ from yours.

Open communication and mutual understanding can help resolve some of the misunderstandings or difficulties, that may arise. MSWA Counsellors can provide advice and resources to help promote this understanding. For further information, please contact MSWA Counselling on 9365 4888.

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