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Many people with MS are able to continue with work, and are motivated to prove their value as employees. However, some employers have concerns about employing a person with MS because of misconceptions about this medical condition. Each person with MS has their own story on how the disease impacts on their function, and no two stories are the same. For this reason, it can be very worthwhile for the employer to look carefully at how MS really affects the individual’s ability to work and how they could be retained in the workplace. Good communication between all involved parties is essential to promote understanding and to explore strategies that meet the requirements of both the employer and employee.

MSWA supports employers as they support an employee with MS, and we are able to provide information, education, assessment and recommendations for strategies or equipment that enhances workplace outcomes.

MS Australia has published an informative booklet for employers to guide them as they support someone with MS in the workplace. It also touches on discrimination and the law. Download booklet here.  

Employers should also know about Job Access, a government funded agency that will provide workplace assessment and funding for equipment that supports a person with disability to remain in the workplace. For more information, go to

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