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Peer support groups for people living with MS

Peer support groups provide an opportunity for people to come together and share their experiences and concerns about MS. In a support group people are able to talk to others who truly understand what they are going through, whether it be people living with MS, their carers, or friends and family.

As well as providing informal support, peer groups are a great place to connect with others and create new friendships. By reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness, support groups often empower people to be more proactive in improving their health and wellbeing. They are also a great source of new information on things such as treatment and research updates.

At MSWA we have a number of existing peer support groups, some facilitated by MSWA staff and others which are organised by our Members living with MS.

See below for information about some of our peer support groups:

Carer support groups for people living with MS

Our carer support groups are regular support groups connecting carers of people living with MS. Meeting once a month, the groups provide an opportunity for carers to connect with others for practical and emotional support. The groups are facilitated by a counsellor and welfare officer.

Recreational Camps Program for people living with MS

Our annual camps program provides separate recreation camps for Members, carers and families. The program is primarily funded by a grant from Lotterywest, supported by MSWA, and at a nominal cost to participants. These camps provide a break from daily routines, and strengthen friendships and support networks.

Members can be referred through the health team or contact OT direct on 9365 4888 for more information.

muMS group for people living with MS

The muMS group is a support group for women with MS who are mothers of young children and/or are pregnant. Providing a shared space to talk about motherhood and MS, the group is facilitated by counsellors. The muMS group is an opportunity for women to discuss their concerns and feelings, learn new information related to pregnancy and parenting whilst living with MS and to enjoy some time away from the parenting role.

In addition to the groups supported by MSWA staff members, there are peer support groups which are facilitated by Members with MS. Currently there are two regional groups, which meet in Geraldton and Manjimup, and a third group which meets in the Perth metro area called ‘MS Coffee Catch Up’.

At MSWA, we are always eager to expand the MS peer support network and see the formation of new groups throughout WA. If you are interested in attending, and/or starting up a peer support group, please contact Sarah Lorrimar, Co-ordinator of Health Education and Peer Support, on 9365 4858 or email her here.


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