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Peer support groups for people living with MS

Peer support groups provide an opportunity for people to come together and share their experiences and concerns about MS. In a support group people are able to talk to others who truly understand what they are going through, whether it be people living with MS, their carers, or friends and family.

As well as providing informal support, peer groups are a great place to connect with others and create new friendships. By reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness, support groups often empower people to be more proactive in improving their health and wellbeing. They are also a great source of new information on things such as treatment and research updates.

At MSWA we have a number of existing peer support groups, some facilitated by MSWA staff and others which are organised by our Members living with MS.

Please contact Sabena Lund (Health Education & Peer Support Coordinator) on 9365 4858 or for more information.


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