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Neuro Research Articles

A neurological condition is any disorder affecting the nervous system. They can be structural, biochemical or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord or any nerves, cranial or peripheral, resulting in a diverse range of symptoms.

With over 600 known conditions some can be difficult to diagnose due to the symptoms mimicking other conditions. Some are very rare, some are hereditary, some present in early childhood and others in the older years. Some neurological conditions can cause increasing levels of disability and/or be life shortening, while others are more chronic in nature and may impact the individual in a variety of ways.

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Research into neurological conditions is ongoing around the world including in Australia and here in WA.

Research has many components:

  • Seeking greater understanding of the conditions; eg through studying cases across the world to identify patterns
  • Seeking the cause if it is unknown; eg looking at genetics and other causal factors
  • Seeking better treatments; eg including therapies and medication

Whilst some research is disease-specific other projects have relevance across several conditions including trauma. This includes:

  • Neuroprotection; this is about trying to protect the nervous system; eg reducing or preventing damage to the nervous system
  • Neuro-regeneration; this is ongoing and seeks to repair damage that has already occurred eg stem cell therapy

If you are seeking research updates a great place to start are the credible websites either run by disease-specific organisations if there is one for your condition, or the government. Here are some useful links:

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