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There is no typical case of MS. People can experience a wide range of symptoms: they vary from one person to another and from day to day. 

Some of the symptoms are quite vague and others immediately obvious. Some, such as fatigue or unusual sensations in the skin, are often described as hidden, making it difficult to describe them to others.

MS symptoms affect people differently, and should be discussed openly with your health professional, especially if they are affecting work, relationships, self-care and social activities.

Symptoms affecting sensation and functionSymptoms affecting movement and strengthSymptoms affecting thinking and feeling
Heat intoleranceBowel and bladderConcentration
Optic neuritisMuscle weaknessFatigue
PainSpasmsInformation processing
Pins and needlesSpasticityMemory
Sexual difficultiesSpeech problems
Visual/ spatial difficultiesSwallowing problems

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