MSWA invests in vital equipment for motor neurone disease (MND) community

19 June 2019

Funds raised by participants in last year’s MSWA Ocean Ride have gone towards purchasing vital equipment to support people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). MND is a progressive and terminal condition attacking the motor neurones or nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

A symptom caused by the condition is respiratory muscle weakness, reducing a person’s ability to breathe deeply, and to cough effectively which results in the production of excessive secretions.

The new equipment, three new Phillips Cough Assist E70 machines, will be available on a loan-basis for people living with MND in the comfort of their own home.

General Manager, Strategic Supports and Residential Options, Sue Shapland who manages the donor funding allocation for those living with neurological conditions, said the machines will assist people who have reduced strength and are unable to effectively cough to clear their airway secretions.

“The Cough Assist machine works by helping to clear secretions by gradually applying a positive pressure to the airway, then quickly shifting to a negative pressure,” said Sue.

“This change in pressure stimulates a cough and therefore helps clear the secretions, making it extremely useful for patients with MND.”

“These machines have replaced outdated models and are an investment for MSWA as they can be loaned to MND clients for years to come.” she added.

MSWA thanks the generosity of Western Australians who continue to support fundraising initiatives like the MSWA Ocean Ride, which help the organisation provide vital services and support and equipment to improve the quality of life of someone living with a neurological condition.

Event participants will continue to have the opportunity to fundraise for their choice of neurological conditions, like MND. These donations continue to allow MSWA to buy much needed equipment for major tertiary hospitals and rehabilitation units in WA. Join us for our next event, Step Up for MSWA.