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Brain health and simple lifestyle changes

Brain health is gaining international momentum and research is supporting the positive benefits of adopting healthy brain strategies.

Having a healthy brain, that functions well, is important for everyone and more so for people living with a neurological condition.

Here are four positive steps you can take to keep your brain as healthy as possible.

MSWA Brain Health Nutrition

1. Nourish your brain

A balanced diet benefits overall health and helps our brain function properly. Enjoy a variety of foods and cut back on processed foods and saturated fats. Foods rich in omega 3 are also recommended. Follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines or liaise with your GP/Dietitian.

MSWA Brain Health Mind

2. Mind active

Education, reading, hobbies, and artistic or creative pastimes help to preserve brain function, and reduce cognitive problems when practiced over a lifetime.

MSWA Brain Health Sleep

3. Relax and sleep

Sleep helps your brain work properly. While you sleep, your brain is detoxing and preparing for the next day; and forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information. Aim for seven to eight hours per night.

MSWA Brain Health Exercise

4. Body active

Higher levels of aerobic fitness are associated with faster information processing and preserved brain tissue volume. This suggests that being as active as possible may help to preserve brain health; and has positive effects on mood.

What can you do?

Embrace a brain-healthy lifestyle!

Keep mentally and physically active, lower your stress levels, keep your weight under control, don’t smoke, watch your alcohol intake, take recommended medications prescribed for you, and have regular health checks with your GP.

Contact the MSWA Occupational Therapy or Nursing teams for further information on 9365 4888.

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