At home with MSWA

Nicolette Murphy

If you’ve never met Nicolette Murphy, she’s one of our amazing MSWA Customers living with MS.

“Life’s good - there’s always a silver lining. Life’s throwing lemons and I’m giving back more than just lemonade.”

“For me, getting my groceries home delivered has relieved my anxiety. I thought I’d be relying on Dominoes to feed me and my two young boys, but this way I can keep providing healthy meals (including broccoli), whether they like it or not!”

“I can’t go to the gym, but I’ve been making good use of exercises at home and online yoga. I’ve still been receiving MSWA services online too, including Speech Therapy.”

At home with MSWA Nicolette story

Brett Johns

Brett Johns has been living with MS for over 20 years. He is also a musician.

“Music is my life. It’s my saviour. It’s such a wonderful healing force.

I usually play my Ukulele at MSWA Bunbury Outreach Centre where I go to meet, talk and share my music with others.

I was starting to get a musical thing happening at ‘The Fridge’ – that’s what I call the outreach centre, because it’s where I go to chill!

It’s currently closed, but that’s okay because I’ve been playing a lot at home next to my spirit animal, the wolf.

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I’m still receiving in-home care by the MSWA crew and it’s good to be able to socialise with someone. To all you reading this, the staff at MSWA, thank you for continuing to do what you do.

P.S. excuse the hair – I need a shear, but I guess we’re all in the same boat.”

MSWA Hamilton Hill

We recently caught up with the lovely manager from MSWA Hamilton Hill, Jayne, to see how our residents are doing self-isolating together.

“We are all doing great here and have all kept our sense of humour.

As you can see social distancing is the new normal, as well as board games.

Hope you are keeping safe and well.”

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“What am I most looking forward to? Cuddling the grandies again.”

Wendy is in high support care at our Butler facility. The introduction of strict hygiene and social distancing measures proved initially challenging but residents and staff quickly adjusted.

“There is a ‘can do’ attitude at Butler,” says Wendy. “You couldn’t get more dedicated staff. Sometimes I joke with them, ‘Come on girls, go home. You’ve got to get a life!’

“We’re lucky here, we can sit out in our own backyards. My plants are getting a lot of attention!”

However, Wendy admits she is struggling with maintaining physical separation from friends and family.

“It’s highlighted the things we take for granted – somebody popping in for a coffee, or even the more simple things, like hugs.”

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Recently diagnosed Member, Diane King, has been able to safely continue her physical training within the limits of COVID-19 restrictions.

Attending her local gym at our MSWA Vasse Service Centre, which was relocated to its new and superior site in 2019, Diane has been training one-on-one with Clare Boenke, MSWA Physiotherapy Assistant.

Like at all our facilities, the team at Vasse are taking extra precautions surrounding hygiene and social distancing rules to keep their Customers safe.

Diagnosed with MS in 2017, Diane’s main focus is keeping her body free from stiffness, for which she follows a reformer, bike and stretching routine.

Diane also goes for beach walks in the South West where she lives, setting goals to build stamina.

“Every single day, give yourself a challenge to keep that level up,” says Diane.

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