A grand holiday for MSWA Members

10 June 2014

May was the month of formal attire, live entertainment and exquisite dining for our Members at Wilson Outreach. The Centre was transformed into the MS Cruiseliner for all its Members (and care support staff) to enjoy a spirited holiday without the price tag or overnight bag. Activities such as bingo, bowling and high tea kept the holiday energy moving despite the stormy weather outside. Off shore excursions to the cinema were included in the package. There was even a surprise ‘mutiny on the bounty’, to the delight of both Members and staff. The ‘pirates’ ambushed the Cruiseliner in full costume and a plank that even the CEO, Marcus Stafford, couldn’t avoid being walked along with the help of a pointy sword!

The highlight of the month was the Formal Captain’s Dinner, complete with beautiful table settings in the dining room, a delicious three course menu prepared by staff and volunteers and a Captain in full uniform. Everyone – members, staff and volunteers - ditched the sneakers and sensible shoes for a chance to dress up for the occasion.

“Very enjoyable and fun playing dress up for the Captain's table!”, shared one Member. But it was a long trip for some; “really good food and lots of fun....I got a little bit sea sick cruising for a month” said Margaret, a long-time volunteer of MSWA.

Special thanks goes to Nicola Ryan, the enthusiastic care support staff and the volunteers of the Wilson Outreach Centre for organising the MS Cruiseliner transformation and ensuring a good time was had by all.