Publications & Downloads

Publications & Downloads

At MSWA we have access to the latest information on MS treatments, techniques to manage your symptoms and research updates. We encourage you to contact us to talk with our experts in person, however, acknowledge that this might not always be possible. The below Fact Sheets and booklets contain information which may be of assistance to you if you have MS.

List of MSWA Information Resources

Online Resources

Opening Doors - a portal to online resources for Australians living with MS

MSWA Fact Sheets

About MS

Symptoms of MS

Living with MS

What is Multiple Sclerosis

Symptom Management

Complementary Therapies

Multiple Sclerosis FAQs

Bladder Management

Driving and MS

Receiving the Diagnosis

The Essence of Health


Treatment Options

Fatigue Management

Financial Planning

MS Relapses


Smoking and MS

Thinking and Memory



Vitamin D and MS

Other publications

Working and MS

Nutritional Guidelines

The MA Guide